The country cannot be governed from Maidan - M. Dobkin

Mikhail Dobkin, the chairman of Kharkov Regional Administration, said on December 25 that Maidan in Kiev was the main disappointment in 2013. "I could not come up with a bigger problem for the economy. How it is run, and how the legally elected authorities were challenged, and that the proposals heard at Maidan, and that the opposition was completely toothless and useless to our society. This is also a problem," said the Governor.

The official hopes that all Maidan-like sentiments will remain in the past year. "I hope that 2013, upon its completion, will carry away all these Maidan moods. The country cannot be governed from Maidan. The system of government of our country must not be unbalanced. It's not even that we were very close to disintegration into 2-3-5 pieces. Even if we lose a small part of the country, this would be a tragedy for our state. The problem is that instead of developing alternative solutions, the opposition urged people to walk around Kiev in columns, to block buildings. I think history will assess all those who took part in those nightmares that we have seen on television,” stated Dobkin.

Mikhail Dobkin also expressed his opinion of the media coverage of the riots in the capital. “Another disappointment is the media coverage of the central channel, which broadcasts over the entire country. I'm not afraid to say this. I do not interfere with the work of journalists, do not teach them how to work and write. But you cannot show only a single point of view. You can’t show that Mariinsky Park has been destroyed without showing that the whole center of Kiev has been destroyed by the alternative rally - there are tents held by huge pins hammered into the asphalt, the smell is so awful that it feels like something else rather than Kiev, something that cannot be the prototype of a European capital,” he said.

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