Merkel prepares Klitchko to Ukrainian presidency - Der Spiegel

Using Klitchko, Germany is going to attack Russia’s positions in the Eastern Europe, German newspaper claims. Merkel, according to the columnist, has enough power to pressure the current regime in Ukraine for this.

Presidential elections in Ukraine have begun "behind the scenes," says Der Spiegel. The tabloid notes that Klitchko party is very close to the governing bodies of Germany. Also it was granted the observer status in the European People's Party.

"Party headquarters in Brussels and Budapest train people from Klitchko’s Udar party to work in parliament and provide support in creating countrywide party network," the newspaper writes.

Der Spiegel notes that Konrad Adenauer Foundation, associated with Angela Merkel party, also helps Udar party.

"Klitchko openly appealed to Merkel advisors asking to provide the fund’s assistance. Adenauer Foundation is already preparing Ukrainian opposition politicians to taking responsibility within the “dialog program”, says the newspaper.

The commentator also noted that last week Udar deputies visited Berlin and met with the lawmakers associated with Merkel’s CDU party. Klitchko himself, according to Der Spiegel, often turns for help to Ronald Pofalla, Federal Minister for Special Commissions. The German official maintains close ties with the opposition in the Eastern Europe, including in Belarus.

Pofalla consults Klitchko on how to properly respond to pressure from the authorities, claims Der Spiegel.

Der Spiegel writes that in Germany Klitchko is seen as the "opposite" of typical Ukrainian politicians usually engaged in fights in the country’s parliament. According to their estimates, Klitchko has no self-confidence and is quite consistent.

However, in Germany the boxer complains that he cannot run for Ukrainian presidency due to the law that prohibits the citizens who have permission to stay in another country from entering the race.

Yet Merkel, according to the columnist, is able to pressure the current regime of Ukraine in fixing the legislation. However, by that time Klitchko should be trained into a serious politician who would be able to unite the opposition. That, according to Der Spiegel, what is being done now in Germany.

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