Capital construction arrears to be settled with Russian money - M. Dobkin

Payment arrears for capital construction projects will be settled using the money provided by the Russian Federation, said Mikhail Dobkin, head of Kharkov Regional Administration, during the year-end press conference on December 25.

"I hope that 2014 will be much easier than 2013, in fiscal terms. Today Ukraine and Russia started implementing the agreements about the $15 billion loan reached on the highest level; these funds are currently being transferred to the State Treasury of Ukraine. Last night the Ministry of Finance requested all regions, including Kharkov region, to provide information about failed payments on all capital expenditures. The Ministry has collected information on all subsidies that were tickling over the past year on capital construction projects - repairing roads, hospitals, schools - where the repairs have been completed, but not paid. I hope that literally in the last working days of the Treasury and the banking system these payments will be made. We had just below 200 million UAH of this kind of arrears," said the Governor.

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