Now VKontakte is in the Tatar language

The initiator of the idea to create the Crimean-Tatar language version of a social network «VK» was the Head of the Crimean-Tatar youth organization Qardashlyq in Crimea. According to the Head of the organization Asan Emirsaliev, 40 % of the interface of a social network «VKontakte» have already been translated into the Crimean-Tatar language.

«There are about 12 thousand words and terms left to translate. We can then upload the new version through a special application into the base of the social network», Asan Emirsaliev says.

«We're currently looking for translators of the Crimean-Tatar language and programmers. If there are 10 translators and 5 programmers, the work will probably be done in three months, and the Crimean-Tatar interface of «Vkontakte» will be available in a text mode. This will be especially interesting for those who study the Crimean-Tatar language», Emirsaliev continues.

The Crimean-Tatar version of the social network will be written in Latin.

Earlier in the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia) enthusiasts first implemented the interface translation into Tatar language. At the press conference the Head of the Department of Information Technologies of Executive Committee of World Congress of Tatars Ratail Gataullin said that the possibility of using the Tatar version of the popular social network is a significant event for all media in the Tatar language.


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