Ex-gay is being persecuted by the former mates

The former gay-activist and ex-editor of the magazine the Young Gay America Michael Glatze accepted Christianity and married a girl. His marriage caused outrage among gays.

When in 2007 Glatze accepted Christianity he decided to leave the magazine and left a note on the screen of his computer which said: “Homosexuality is death, and I choose life.”

“Parting with the homosexuality was the most beautiful event in my life. I felt freedom,” he stated.

After that deed the former team-mates of Glatze started to watch his life carefully. The articles insulting the former gay and his wife appeared in the Internet.

In response Michael Glatze published the appeal to all the gays in the World Net Daily.

“I wrote my appeal not to show off or to boast by the fact that I managed to get married. Maybe it would the motive for many people. But I live not to prove anything to other people,” Glatze wrote.

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