Developer demolished walls on two floors in a historic Khreschatyk building (PHOTO)

All bearing walls on two floors have been destroyed in the building earlier owned by the "Knowledge” bookstore and located in the center of Kiev on the Khreschatyk street.

The information comes from the press service of the people's deputy Alexander Briginets.

"At 3 am, my colleagues, friends and I have noticed a truck at the entrance to the “Knowledge” store - unknown people were loading the truck with demolition waste coming from the “Knowledge” premises,” said Briginets.

"Not only that they took our last on Khreschatyk bookstore, now the developers are trying to destroy the heritage building. As for me, the work is carried out in such a way that the building should fall down,” notes Briginets.

Therefore, the people’s deputy appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office demanding an explanation on why the developers of the premises earlier owned by the “Knowledge” bookstore jeopardize the integrity of the house number 44 on the Khreschatyk Street, as well as lives of people who are residents on the upper floors of the building.

In the summer of 2012, the premises that earlier belonged to the “Knowledge” bookstore were sold to a private owner. The decision to include the premises into the privatization program was adopted back in 2009. It is known that at the time the premises were owned by the staff of the bookstore - “Bookstore ‘Knowledge’” company. But, later, shares of the company got accumulated in the hands of an unknown person, while the sales contract for “Knowledge” premises has no clause on retention of the activity profile.

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