President reassured state employees of the capital - salaries will be paid

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych suggested Kiev authorities to reassure the heads of budgetary enterprises and promised that salary arrears to state employees will be paid.

Yanukovych said this during a meeting with Anatoliy Holubchenko, First Deputy Head of Kiev City Administration, and Galina Gerega, secretary of the Kiev City Council, reports the press service of the Head of State.

"We will come out of this situation. Reassure the heads of enterprises who are working and are responsible for the timely payment. We will do everything to ensure the payments are made on time. Despite of the existing obstacles, we have to solve this problem," said Yanukovych.

“As a woman, I want to say that I do not know how I get through to politicians. And yesterday’s meeting reiterated the position of how men treat women. But I still was the Secretary at the plenary, and the pressure of the politicians, of men, I sustained yesterday,"- said Galina Gerega, stressing that such attitude shows a lack of political culture.

Meanwhile, Anatoliy Holubchenko, the first deputy chairman of the Kiev City Administration, noted that the failure of yesterday's City Council meeting was the cause of the meeting with the President.

"The president received us, understood and gave appropriate instructions. Once we come out of the Administration, we’re going to solve all these issues. I apologize to the people of Kiev, but there will certainly be a delay in payments, we cannot do anything neither today nor tomorrow. This issue is under the threat," said Holubchenko.

He said that thanks to the instructions of the President, the authorities not allow non-payment to the people of Kiev.

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