North Korea increases its military preparedness

The leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un called on the armed forces of the country to be ready for the war without notification.

Kim Jong-un declared it during his visit to the 526th unit’s location of the Korea National army in the city Nampo on the next anniversary of appointment of the father of Kim Jong-un the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

The leader of the North Korea was accompanied by the head of the Political Bureau of the army of North Korea Choi Ren Khe, who is considered to be the second person in the state after the execution of the uncle of Kim Jong-un.

The last week North Korea sent the fax to the ministry of defense of South Korea, in which it threatened ruthless blow without notification.

On December 16 the President of South Korea Pak Kun Khe called on the people to be ready for the imprudent provocations of North Korea after the execution of the uncle of its leader Kim Jong-un.

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