A. Girshfeld: it is very important for Kharkov not to lose the Russian market

The people's deputy, the honored President of the Ukrainian Industrial Energy Company Anatoliy Girshfeld commented on the results of the meeting of the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine. He noted that Kharkov was, first of all, the machine-building city, that was why it was important for the city that the route map for the increase of the turnover in industry, and, first of all, in machine-building was created. The people's deputy also noted that price decrease for the energy carriers will help a lot of Ukrainian companies to become competitive on the market and to increase the goods volume between Russia and Ukraine.

"Exactly these two factors will become the basis and the beginning of the new dialog, which will allow Ukraine to develop of full value. We had a colossal market with Russia; it was $60 billion of turnover. Is it logical to move towards European Union, losing the Russian market and hundreds of thousands working places? With the signed in Russia agreements the new dialog started, which will allow us moving to Europe not to lose the Russian market, which is very important for Kharkov, for the machine building, for the wellbeing of our people," Anatoliy Girshfeld emphasized.

Let us remind the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Victor Yanukovych took place on December 17 in Moscow. Russia and Ukraine signed the action plan to regulate the trade limitations in the bilateral relations for 2013-2014.

On December 17 JSC Gazprom and National JSC Naftogaz Ukraine signed the additional agreement to the long-term contract dated 2009, which is valid till 2019. The price for gas for Ukraine was decreased.

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