The Palace of Sports of the capital will be closed for reconstruction in spring

The beginning of the repairs in the main covered arena of Kiev was postponed by three months.

According to the press service of the state concern Sports Arenas of Ukraine, the fundamental reconstruction of the Palace of Sports will begin in April 2014, and not on January 8, as was planned before.

Let us remind that the repairs are being made in the framework of preparation of Ukraine for the EuroBasket 2015.

Thus, the main tenants of the arena (basketball clubs Budivelnuk and Kiev) do not have to look for new place for the matches till the beginning of the key games in the Super League. The club Budivelnuk may also finish ]home games of the European Cup in the Palace of Sports. If Kiev clubs reach the play-off tournament, they will manage to hold the games right till the semi final, which is planned for the beginning of April.

According to the earlier messages, there is an option of holding the "Final of the Four" of the Cup of Ukraine in basketball, which is planned in February, in the Palace of Sports.

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