Provocation is one of the versions of the police about the attack on Chernovol

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Ukraine informed about the course of investigation of the attack on the activist Tatiana Chernovol. The law enforcement officers worked out several versions of the attack on the woman.

“One of them is the provocation,” the press service of MVD informed.

According to the information of the department, the activist stayed for the night in the House of the Trade Unions and moved about only in the company of other people.

“On the night of the attack she was alone that is why, probably, the people, who attacked her, took advantage of it,” the police stated.

According to the MVD, the crime will be investigated by the most experienced officers of the Central Department of the MVD.

In the morning the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych demanded that the law enforcement officers took all the necessary measures for the investigation of the beating of the former journalist.

Let us remind that this night Chernovol has been attacked. The lady was beaten brutally. The dashboard camera, installed in Tatiana’s car, recorded the vehicle identification number of the car of the people, who attacked her.

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