Ukrainians spend half of their income on food

Ukrainians spend more than half of their income on food, which is the highest index among the 40 countries of Europe. The lowest positions of the rating alongside with Ukrainians are occupied by the Moldavians, Serbians, Kazakhs; their expenditures for food constitute only 42-43%.

15 lowest positions of the rating are represented by the countries of the former Social block. The residents of Luxembourg, Great Britain and Switzerland take the leading positions among the countries, in the budget of which food constitutes less than 10% of expenditures.

The researchers stated some more indexes that indirectly characterize the level of the standard of living of the families in the European countries, in particular, the share of expenses of the household for cafes, restaurants and hotels. The publication of the "Left Bank" notes that the higher they are the higher is the standard of living. In this case Ukraine takes not the last position, but, nevertheless, is practically at the very bottom with the index off 2.5%.

According to the index, which characterizes the share of costs for leisure and culture in the structure of the expenses of the families, Ukraine takes the next to the last place with 2%, leaving behind only Moldova.

For comparison, in the rich European countries, such as Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Finland people spend more than 10% on cultural activities.

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