Grand procession of he Muslims is prepared in Moscow

The rally of Muslims is prepared in Moscow, in which one million people is planned to take part. On Manezhnaya Square they intend to arrange a wide-scale rally “against Islam phobia, Caucasus phobia and xenophobia.”

According to the member of the High Council of the Russian Congress of the Nations of Caucasus Abakar Abakarov, during the recent 5 years the situation with the interethnic relations has been aggravating in Russia and the state and the mass media are responsible for it. According to Abakarov, the TV channels give excessive emphasis to "propaganda of the crimes", meaning the offenses committed by the people from the Central Asia or by the residents of the Northern Caucasus.

“Russia has a number of communities: the representatives of different nations, Russian nationalists, and all of them have a lot of problems. And each community sees the decision of this problem in its own way. We need public agreement about the common residence. And the rally will become the first step towards the agreement. We will send the application after the New Year, on January 11, and will book January 26 for the event. We plan to bring 1 million people to Manezhnaya Square,” Abakarov informed.

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