Ukraine received first three billion of Russian money

Russia acquired the first tranche of Ukrainian sovereign bonds to the amount of $3 billion, said Nikolai Azarov and Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Russia, respectively.

Nikolai Azarov confirmed that on December 24, the National Bank of Ukraine received to its account the first tranche, ITAR-TASS news agency reported. "Our ratings went up, we are out of the financial zone that we were in previously," said Azarov at the meeting with Medvedev.

"Yesterday, following my orders and on the basis of the signed documents, we acquired the first tranche of sovereign bonds in the amount of $3 billion; yesterday the money went to the central bank of Ukraine," said Medvedev.

On December 17 the Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would invest in Ukrainian securities $15 billion from the Sovereign Welfare Fund. Putin particularly stressed that “this is not associated with any terms and conditions: increasing, decreasing or freezing of social standards, pensions, allowances or salaries.”

According to ITAR-TASS, Russia's Sovereign Welfare Fund is 922 trillion rubles, equivalent to $88.06 billion. It serves as a "safety cushion" for the Russian pension system. 40% of the fund is invested in investment projects. Now 17% of this amount has been invested in Ukraine.

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