Almost half of Ukrainians prefer borsch

Borsch is the favourite dish for 44% of the population of Ukraine. Salo (national type of bacon) is favored only by 4% of the population. The information comes from the results of a survey conducted by the sociological group "Rating", informs the newspaper “Capital” .

Major food preferences of Ukrainians also include dumplings (18%), meats (14%), mashed potatoes (11%) and the Russian salad (11%).

In Western Ukraine population prefers pancakes and stuffed cabbage, in the north - potato and chops, in Donbas region - herring under stuffing and okroshka soup, in the south - pilaff, meat dumplings and fried potatoes.

The list of the most favorite dishes of Ukrainian males includes borsch, vareniki, barbecue, dumplings, fried potatoes and salo. Women prefer lighter dishes: mashed potatoes, salads, fish dishes, steamed and grilled vegetables, cabbage rolls, cereals and sushi, which rapidly gains popularity in Ukraine.

There are significant differences between the urban dwellers and the countryside population. The list of favorite dishes of city residents is very diverse, from okroshka soup to pizza. The villagers prefer more traditional dishes such as borsch, meat jelly, vareniki.

The survey was conducted in September-October and covered 2,000 people over 18 years in all the regions of Ukraine. Respondents were asked to name three favorite dishes.

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