«Tsarev’s list» caused indignation of the Georgian foreign Ministry

Ambassador of Georgia Mikheil Uchleba appealed to the foreign Ministry of Ukraine with the official note about the illegitimacy of the prohibition of crossing the Ukrainian border to the Georgian people. The Ambassador of Georgia Mikheil Uchleba in a programme on «Events» live reported about the denial of entry visas for Georgian people. The politician addressed the foreign Ministry of Ukraine with the request to allow residents of Georgia to cross the border of the state. «We expect an official response», Uchleba said.

Legislation of Ukraine protects its national borders from the persons who have committed a criminal offence, or been involved in the preparation and implementation of a terrorist act, as well as persons, threatening national security. Among the people non-grata in the list of People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev were some citizens of Georgia, including ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry is not aware of the situation. «Our mandate does not include the ban entry to Ukraine. This Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, Department of border service and the State service for migration control and Security Service of Ukraine are responsible for the issue», the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara claims.


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