Kharkov football club Metallist was fined 200,000 ркнтифы

According to the web site of the Football Federation of Ukraine the control and disciplinary committee of the Federation decided to fine the football club Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk) and the football club Metallist (Kharkov) 200,000 UAH each for the vandalism of the fans during the match of the 12th round of the Cup of Ukraine, which was held on October 6 and was finished playing on December 4.

Moreover, the manager of Dnepropetrovsk team Juande Ramos was suspended for one match and fined 7,500 UAH. And the football player of Metallist Diego Souza was disqualified for two games for the aggressive behavior in the episode with the football player of Dnepr Ruslan Rotan on the 75th minute of the match.

The match Dnepr – Metallist took place on October 6 in Dnepropetrovsk at the stadium Dnepr Arena. The game was interrupted in the beginning of the second half because of the absence of illumination. After that the fans of both of the teams started to burn the fusees. At that moment the host team was winning 2:1. The second half of the match was finished playing on December 4. The game ended with the score 2:2.

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