The session of Kiev Council ended soon after its beginning

The deputy mayor and the secretary of Kiev Council Galina Gerega closed the session of the City Council because the opposition forces disrupted the plenary session, which took place in the building of Solomenskaya Regional State Administration.

According to the Secretary of Kiev Council the deputies had to solve the vital for the city issues: to allocate the funds for the salaries and bonuses of the employees of the budget sphere and transport workers. According to the press service of the City Council, additional subsidy of 130 million UAH was allocated from the state budget for these purposes. It was also planned to direct 58.1 million UAH for payment of the bonuses for the workers of the education and healthcare institutions, 41.9 million UAH – for the payment of salaries to the workers of the transport sphere and for purchasing of the fuels and lubricants, salt and sand mixture and so on.

Besides that at the account of the additional incomes to the budget 750,000 UAH should be spent on the works directed at the maintenance and preparation of the city roads for the work in the autumn and winter period.

The Secretary noted that the decision to close the plenary session of Kiev Council was made in order to avoid the strongarm confrontation and ensure safety of the deputies of Kiev Council and the journalists against the power action.

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