Euromidan speakers in Kiev have talked themselves into 10 years of prison

The people’s deputy from the Party of Regions Elena Bondarenko in the air of the TV program Svoboda Slova on the TV channel ICTV said that she considered that the representatives of the opposition, who made the speeches during the rallies, which were going on for more than a month, made enough statements for 10 years of imprisonment.

“According to our Criminal Code, even the statements, which violate the law, may result in ten years of imprisonment. If everything that the representatives of the opposition said during all Maidans together is taken into consideration, I am telling you that it is enough for 10 years (of imprisonment),” Bondarenko told.

“According to the article 109 - the calls for the forced overthrow of the government – up to 5 years (in prison) is foreseen. The article 279 – the blockade of the transport communications; 293 – the group violation of the public order; 294 – the mass disorders; 295 – calls on the actions, which threaten the public order; and 341 – the seizure of the state buildings,” she enumerated. “I emphasize that all of the mentioned above articles are the articles of the Criminal Code, but not of the Administrative Code. The mentioned actions are punishable in any regular democratic country,” Bondarenko stated.

“Do not mistake peaceful gatherings with peaceful seizure of the buildings, peaceful fights and peaceful vandalism,” Bondarenko added.

Elena Bondarenko is a Deputy Chair of the parliamentary group of the Party of Regions, the first Deputy Head of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the issues of freedom of speech and information.

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