Oleg Paraskiv: "US pressure prevents creation of a common space without borders"

Oleg Paraskiv, the people's deputy, expressed his resentment of the US actions towards Ukraine during the public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”, held in Kiev on 16-17 December.

“Without the pressure of our highly esteemed US friends on everything that happens globally, perhaps we could have had a single space, without borders, right up to the Far East. But, unfortunately, such scenario is unprofitable for the global superpower, the States, which advocates a policy of confrontation, separation and domination. This is why there are conflict spots, the spot rejection, the comings of McCain to Ukraine for some reason, advices to an independent country that implements its own internal policies. And the threats to the parliament, the government and the President. When such things end on the global scale, then we will probably be able to speak of a single economic space," said Paraskiv.

He also noted that the Crimea would always fight for its autonomy, "If there is an issue of discord within the country, the Crimea will categorically defend its absolute autonomy, that is, it will go for federalization. This is if the West decides to dig our borders with some power shovel."

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