Yuri Apukhtin: “We have nothing to do with the European civilization. We are completely different.”

Experts from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia expressed their views during the public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes” held in Kiev.

Yuri Apukhtin, the leader of the "Great Russia" NGO, noted that over half of the Ukrainian enterprises that had had a strategic status during the Soviet days are now idling. "The Ukrainian economy, especially high-tech, existed within a single state and everything was interlinked. A separate company or even the state of Ukraine as a whole, cannot develop complex technologies - this requires cooperation of a dozen organizations from completely different industry segments. In the segment of complex technology, most of the assembling facilities were built in Russia, therefore Ukraine is unable to produce such products independently,” holds the expert.

In this regard, Apukhtin believes that Ukraine should choose cooperation with Russia and Belarus rather than the EU as this would enable the countries to join the efforts and create new facilities based on enterprises of the Soviet era.

"Of the three areas open for the development of high-tech industries, existence in a single civilizational space with Russia and Belarus is, perhaps, the most promising option. We belong to this space, we are flesh on flesh from that Russian civilization that exists. What do we have in common with the European civilization? We are completely different," holds Yuri Apukhtin.

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