Anti-Maidan was dismissed for the New Year's holidays

Anti-Maidan decided to suspend its rally in Mariinsky Park in Kiev, reports the press office of the Party of Regions.

According to the official site of the party, Mikhail Chechetov, first deputy chairman of the Party of Regions faction in Ukrainian parliament, explained suspension of the indefinite action-rally by the fact that Ukrainians must meet the New Year holidays with relatives, leaving the political matters to politicians.

"Most of the protesters in the capital are normal, adequate, ordinary people from all over the country who do not want feuds and splits... We encourage them to return to their families, to meet the New Year's holidays with friends and relatives," said Chechetov.

The People's Deputy urged the opposition leaders not to use the citizens for political purposes and to ask the anti-government protesters to return home for meeting the New Year holidays.

In the end, the protesters of “Save the Ukraine” rally adopted a resolution in support of the policies of President Viktor Yanukovych, also recognizing as historic the agreements reached by Yanukovych with Russia on December 17, the press office reports.

The resolution proposes to establish December 17 as memorable date, “Day of Ukraine's liberation from Timoshenko oppressive gas contracts”. The document also requests those protesting against the authorities to release the captured administrative buildings and to clean the barricades and debris from the central streets of Kiev. The resolution also appeals to the opposition leaders, asking them to make a step forward towards consensus and mutual understanding by supporting the President's initiative on the organization of a national dialog for a political settlement of the conflict situation.

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