Alexandr Bulavin: adoration of Europe is built on envy

Idolization of Europe in Ukraine is based on the subjective perceptions of life to the west of the Ukrainian border rather than on objective knowledge of the subject. This opinion was voiced in the presentation of Alexandr Bulavin, director of the European Political Culture Institute, at the public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”.

"Given the long periods of western and eastern occupation of the territory and population of Ukraine, in many cases different parts of the country have different discourses and different rates of development too," said Bulavin.

According to the expert, the cult of Europe did not happen instantly - rather, it grew eventually, despite the fact that, according to surveys, only about a third of contemporary Ukrainians traveled outside their local area.

"When we make a fetish of the European way of life, we do not understand the meaning we apply to it. That is, when we do so-called Euro-standard renovation, it looks rather like a sloppy work disguised under painted finish. The same happens in public life: the society thinks that everything is running fine across Europe, that everyone is well-paid and lives comfortably.

Although we know that this is not so. Adoration of Europe is built more on envy rather than on real knowledge of the situation," said the expert.

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