The Ukrainian defense concern wants to sell the best tank of the USSR time to the foreigners

The press service of the State Company Ukroboronprom has informed that the director of the State Company Ukroboronservis, which is part of Ukroboronprom, Sergey Mikityk stated that Ukroboronservis worked to bring the tank T-64 to the international market. T-64 was worked out in Kharkov and was not delivered abroad.

“The implementation of the sales project of T-64 should open a new page in the history of Ukroboronservis, as well as in Ukroboronprom. We have confidence in the success of this product, which surpasses a lot of its analogues by the price-quality criterion,” Mikityk emphasized.

According to the data of Ukroboronprom, the tanks T-64 will be in high demand in the countries, which use the machinery of the Soviet production. Mainly these are the regions of Africa, South-Eastern Asia and partially the countries of the Arabic world.

Reference. T-64 is the main battle tank, which was created in the beginning of 60s by the State Company Kharkov Design Department of Machinery Construction Named after Morozov. The batch production of the tank is done at the State Company the Plant Named after Malushev. The modifications of T-64 constitute the base of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine T-64 is being modernized to the version BM Bulat.

T-64 was the first tank in the world on which the automatic loading machine was installed, which allowed to reduce the crew from 4 to 3 people. Among the other radical improvements were: the complex multi-layer combined shielding, the system of defense from the weapons of mass destruction and new composition of the motor transmission compartment.

The budget variant of T-64 is T-72 (it is also equipped with the automatic loading machine, but of Russian construction), which was produced in Russia and exported to the countries of the Warsaw Treaty in particular. All in all 30,000 T-72 tanks were produced. Its main disadvantage is too weak engine. The projects of modification of the tank by installation of new engines, including those of Kharkov production, were worked out.

Ukraine has more than 1,500 of T-64. The State Company Kharkov Armored Plant worked out a number of projects of their utilization and modernization with engines of Kharkov Construction Department of Propulsion Engineering. The Armored Plant worked out and built a prototype of the track-type fire-engine based on T-64.

Several options of modernization of T-64 were worked out in State Company Kharkov Design Department of Machinery Construction Named after Morozov. In particular, the weight of the tank after the modernization will increase from 38 to 45 tons, the motor output will increase from 700 hp to 800-1000 hp and the range capability will increase from 2 km to 2.5 km.

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