The Regional Council: the budget of Kharkov region will be approved in January-February

According to the press-service of Kharkov Regional Council, Kharkov budget will not be approved before the end of 2013 because the session of the Council, scheduled for December 30, will not be held.

“Since Verkhovna Rada postponed the consideration of the project of the state budget for 2014 to January 16, 2014, the continuation of the plenary session of XXVII sitting of Kharkov Regional Council will take place in the third decade of January - the first decade of February 2014 after the approval of the state budget. The deputies and the public will be informed additionally about the renewal of the work of the plenary session of the current sitting of Kharkov Regional Council,” is stated in the message.

On December 19, 2013 a break in the work of the sitting of Kharkov Regional Council was declared.

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