Fule: Europe refuses to discuss the signing of Association Agreement

EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule considers the further negotiations with the Ukrainian government on the Association Agreement meaningless. All prospects of cooperation are discussed at the summit of the Eastern Partnership. Thus, the procedure of Ukraine's integration into Europe can be deemed suspended.

This statement was broadcasted by Czech TV channel ČТ 24. «We no longer intend to continue negotiations», Fule claimed. According to Fule, Ukraine can’t sit on two chairs simultaneously, having in mind the number of agreements with Russia. The politician does not think that the cause of threat of fiscal bankruptcy of Ukraine is the refusal to sign the Association Agreement. The politician noted that Europe keeps its offer on signing the document open.

Earlier, in 1991, Ukraine was allocated 3.3 billion euros from the IMF funds, and later - about 10 billion euros. «The signing of the Association Agreement with the EU will only improve the attitudes towards Ukraine», assured the Commissioner.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government is determined to continue negotiations on the implementation of the of the “road” map compiled on December, 12.

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