The Belorussian President is not ready to leave the Customs Union - Bondarenko

The Belorussian expert Valeri Bondarenko commented on the statement, which circulated in the media, of the President of Belarus about leaving the Customs Union.

“Lukashenko is a man of highly energetic statements. This is why the TV viewers love him. It's an emotional reaction to something undesirable for the president of Belarus,” said the expert.

The expert recalled that in December 2010 Belarus had presidential election, preceded by quite serious information wars. “In the Belorussian media there was some anti-Russian propaganda every day. It was stressed that the Russian people are our kin, but the leadership of the country is not making concessions for the akin nations.”

“We in Belarus, of course, are very attentive to the words of our President, but there are objective conditions for the existence of the Belorussian economy, which can only be provided by the Customs Union,” summed up Bondarenko his presentation at the international non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”.

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