Ukraine isn’t like Poland or the Baltic States. Where can we make money?

Poland received such conditions and compensations during the EU accession, which weren’t surpassed even by the Baltic states, leave alone other accession countries. In Ukraine there is demand for regional economic projects both for businesses and for separate regions.

This opinion was shared by Belorussian expert Valeri Bondarenko during the public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”.

The expert stressed that the majority of ex-Soviet enterprises was closed for a reason - they were consuming more money than they earned, even though such enterprises provided wages for the employees and their families.

For Ukraine a growth point for the economy development is the resort sector of the Crimea and the Carpathians, which are now in demand. These projects will pay off quickly. Not less profitable to develop are the export segments of farming industry.

"Russia annually imports 700,000 tons of beef. They even take frozen beef from New Zealand. It is the legal niche for farmers," said the expert.

He noted that the Ukrainian government is having a tough time. This is the era of calculations and economic projects that are difficult and take a while to complete. Belarus went down the same road, and now the country has 10-15 large enterprises. But these are really able to sustain the whole country. In Belarus shops milk costs 5-8 hryvnia per litre ($0.6-$1).

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