Gas extraction companies will increase gas production in Kharkov region

Kharkov Regional Council approved the applications of two gas extraction companies for development.

PJSC Gazdobucha has an approved application for rendering into the exploitation for extraction of hydrocarbons at the Aksytovskoe (Zmievskiy district) and Berezovskoe (Krasnokutskiy district) gaseous condensate fields. There is also approved authorization for the geological examination, including the experimental-industrial development of the oil and gas fields of Dachnaya, Komsomolsk and Shoseynuy.

Limited Liability Company Esko-Sever (Kiev) has the approved application for expansion of the boundaries of Rakitnyanskiy hydrocarbons field, which is located on the territory of Valkovskiy, Novovodolazhskiy and Kharkov districts. The field was rendered to the company for extraction of hydrocarbons (the special authorization for exploitation was issued on January 13, 2011.)

Two big state companies, which extract gas, operate at the territory of the region: Sheblinkagazdobucha and Poltavagaz (both of them are parts of the structure Ukrgazdobicha).

They produce 92% of the total gas in the region, and a number of private enterprises extract the rest 8%. The main private enterprises are JSC Ukrgazdobucha, Limited Liability Company Energiya-95, Limited Liability Company Promenergoproduct, CJSC Producing Company Ukrnefteburenie.

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