The expert: Europe and the USA have chosen unsuccessful moralizing and intimidation of Ukraine

On the web site of Washington research center Atlantic Council the senior staff scientist Adrian Karatninskiy has informed that the credit provided by Russia to Ukraine will contribute to the growth of the Ukrainian economy, while the deal with the EU would have resulted in Ukraine "wallowing in the new recession".

According to the expert, signing of the association agreement with the EU would have resulted in Kiev having to pay extra $3-4 billion for the Russian gas every year because Russia would have introduced the legal trade limitations. Also Ukraine would have been flood with the European goods, which would have caused decrease of the GDP by more than 3%.

Karatninskiy calls the fact that Yanukovych managed to get the real help from Moscow without giving the future of Ukraine into the hands of Russia a victory. “There are no inviolable promises to Russia like the obligation of Ukraine joining the Customs Union,” the expert writes. “In my point of view, this deal will provide Yanukovych with time, without closing the door to the deal with the EU in the future.”

Karatninskiy criticized the position of the European Union and of the USA towards Ukraine. “Failure of Europe and the USA to realize the geographical and political importance of Ukraine and to understand how important it is for the ambitions of Russia to leap up as a world state contributed greatly to the diplomatic fiasco,” Karatninskiy writes, “Instead of driving Ukraine off Russia and after that achieving its reformation in the long run, Europe and the USA chose unsuccessful moralizing and intimidation.”

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