V. Subbotin: Yanukovych obtained the most beneficial conditions for Ukraine

“The agreements of the two presidents are the basis of the construction of the two-sided trade and economic relations with our partners,” the general director of the JSC Turboatom (Kharkov) Viktor Subbotin said commenting the results of the two-sided meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych.

According to Subbotin, Russia is the major customer of the goods of Turboatom. The company has signed contracts for more than $300 million. In particular, the plant works on the orders for Rostov, Balakovskaya, Kalininskaya nuclear power-stations and for the Zelenchukskaya, Novosebirskaya, Zaramagskaya hydro electric power stations.

“Viktor Fedorovich managed to gain the most beneficial conditions for Ukraine. The credit in the amount of $15 billion with the minimum interest rate will allow stabilizing the situation in the economy of the country,” the general director of Turboatom emphasized.

Let us remind that the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych took place on December 17 in Moscow. Russia and Ukraine signed the action plan for the regulation of trade limitations in the two-sided relations for 2013-2014.

On December 17 JSC Gazprom and NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine signed the additional agreement to the long term gas contract dated 2009, which is valid till 2019. The price for the gas for Ukraine was lowered.

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