The President Signed the Bill on Amnesty of Evromaidan Demonstrators

The Bill «On elimination of negative consequences and prevention of the persecution and punishment of persons, regarding the events that took place during the holding of peaceful demonstrations” was signed by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

In accordance with the Bill, participants of the demonstrations detained on November, 21, 2013 are to be released, and “all criminal proceedings and the so-called administrative violations, defined in article 1 of this law, are to be closed». The released persons shall be deemed as those that «have no criminal record, and consequently, the responsibility for administrative offences shall not be applied.

The BIll is valid from the following day after its publication. The competent authorities should take appropriate decisions arising from this law within ten days.

Previously, on December, 19, 2013, at a meeting of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the Bill on the release of all detained participants of Evromaidan was adopted. The project received 339 of the 226 required deputies' votes.

The project is sent for signing to the President on December, 20.

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