Dimchoglo: In 2014, Ukraine and Romania will build a ferry across the Danube

The construction of the Ukrainian-Romanian ferry will be launched in 2014, said the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council, General Director of LLC «Orlovka Ferry Complex» Yuri Dimchoglo. The ferry between the village Orlovka (Odessa region, Ukraine) and the city Isakchu (Romania).

The ferry project is ready, its construction will last about a year.

"Odessa and Reni administrations support us in our intentions to build the ferry. We are now waiting for the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers about the opening of the international border crossing point in the area of the future crossing», informs Dimchoglo. The implementation of the project will be sponsored by LLC «Orlovka Ferry Complex» and Romanian organization MBS Invest. The investments of the Ukrainian side will reach 5 million euros, the Romanian - 20 million euros.

According to Dimchoglo other foreign companies, in particular Cypriot and English will also be involved in the construction of the ferry.

Implementation of the project Orlovka-Isakch will conduce the construction of the highway Odessa-Reni. Except these two targeted projects, the Romanian side plans to create a free economic zone with warehouses and infrastructure.

Another ferry connected Izmail (Odessa oblast, Ukraine) and Tulcea (Romania). The project has greatly increased international traffic.


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