Oleg Paraskiv: Every resident of the Crimea dreams of the construction of Kerch Bridge

Every resident of the Crimea dreams about the construction of Kerch Bridge, said Oleg Paraskiv, the people's deputy in the Ukrainian parliament, during public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”, held in Kiev on December 16-17.

"As a resident of the Crimea, I would like to see a real bridge across Kerch Strait. This is a dream of every resident of the Crimea. We, the Crimeans, are so dependent today on relations with Russia that it is hard to describe it. This is the current state of affairs,” said Paraskiv.

The people's deputy added that absence of a bridge across Kerch Strait exacerbates trade relations between the Crimea and the Russian regions: “Today, the Crimea makes significant strides in terms of agricultural development, there is demand for farm products, including in Russia. But there is a problem - the lack of a free state border and a bridge between Russia and the Crimea."

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