Dmitry Polonsky on three conditions for successful integration of Ukraine into EEC

Dmitry Polonsky, people's deputy from Simferopol City Council, believes that that for a successful integration of Ukraine into Eurasian Economic Community, three conditions are required: creation of Russian lobby in Ukraine, informational propaganda and economic rapprochement of certain Ukrainian regions and EEC.

"Integration is a kind of product that may have different manufacturers. In Ukraine's case, there are two of them - the European Union and the Russian Federation together with the Customs Union countries. Promotion of any product in the market is impossible without qualified sellers and comprehensive advertising and taking into account the political factor - even the propaganda campaign," said Polonsky.

According to the young politician, there are only few coherent and convincing supporters of the Eurasian economic project in Ukraine - and those who do support it are generally about 50 years old and have lost their influence.

“Young politicians, academics and businessmen, separately operating throughout the country, need an association, communication with each other, forming a common agenda and a clear plan of action. They want to see a clear perspective of development both for their small business and for large political and economic project, such as Eurasian Economic Community. And this prospect should be formulated also by the Russian Federation and the countries of the Customs Union," said the deputy.

He also noted the need to supply current system with high-speed social elevators that would be able to quickly move the representatives of the new Russian lobby into lists of candidates to Regional and City Councils at all levels, as well as into the authority bodies and local governments.

In addition, the idea of entry into the Customs Union is not as successful as it could have been due to lack of promotion.

"The whole Eurasian project is largely losing the information war in Ukraine. Russia has an insignificant impact in the information space of Ukraine. Paradoxically, but the country does not have a single truly Russian media outlet. In this regard, it is necessary to initiate and finance, including from funds of EEC member countries, the dynamic and, most importantly, meaningful economic integration propaganda," holds the young politician.

Polonsky put forward another idea, to be provided by the Russian Federation and other members of the Customs Union - the idea of the so-called "economic stitching".

“According to the idea, economic initiatives will be used to pull in (“to staple”) into a single Eurasian economic space, entire regions with prevailing economic sectors, which will inevitably lead to Ukraine’s entry into such a space as a whole. That is, a clear conviction, especially in the economic benefits and feasibility of Eurasian integration will grow from a variety of small and large economic projects," stated Polonsky the third condition for successful integration.

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