Sergei Sibiryakov: Ukraine’s Maidan gets protesters via social networks

In Ukraine, people are collected to Maidan via social networks, said Sergei Sibiryakov, analyst, coordinator of IA REX international expert group during the conference “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes” held in Kiev on December 16-17.

As the expert noted, a significant portion of Internet users are registered in various social networks. This is used by those who organize mass protests. "Personally I get 100-150 daily invitations to go to Maidan. My children, who are interested in Maidan just like any student youth would be interested in revolutionary events, get many times more invitations,” said Sergey Sibiryakov.

The political scientist added that efforts to attract people via social networks are well-organized and planned, "US Embassy organizes courses telling step by step about how to behave, how to create communities, how to send these invitations - the whole technology of organizing topical groups in social networks."

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