2014 will be a stable financial year - M. Dobkin

Mykhail Dobkin, the head of Kharkov Regional State Administration, noted that a number of agreements signed by the presidents of Russia and Ukraine at the bilateral meeting, will be beneficial for Kharkov businesses.

"Based on 2014 budget figures, approved by the Government today, we can say that 2014 will be a stable year, fiscally. Now, when making financial plans, many of our businesses can schedule their work, knowing who will buy their products. They now understand that there will be no more of this border-crossing nightmare, when customs stop goods and shuffle them upside down. I’m sure this will be no more - and this is a pledge of stable work, and hence the payment of wages to the employees," said the Governor of Kharkov.

Meeting between Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych took place on December 17 in Moscow. Russia and Ukraine signed 2013-2014 action plan for the settlement of trade restrictions in bilateral relations.

On December 17 Russia’s Gazprom and "Naftogaz Ukrainy" signed a supplement (valid until 2019) to 2009 long-term gas contract; gas price for Ukraine is reduced.

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