Clowns Zhadan and Andrukhovich mocked the streets of Kharkov - M. Dobkin

Mikhail Dobkin, the head of Kharkov Regional State Administration instantly responds to the events occurring in the city. “Clowns Zhadan and Andrukhovich mocked the streets and avenues of Kharkov. Their main goal is to muscle in on the name of John Lennon," twitted Dobkin.

On December 22, members of Kharkov EuroMaidan held a rally “Thanking to the grandpa Lennon for our happy childhood”. The rally included a concert of “The Beatles” songs, organized by the musicians near the monument to Ukrainian poet Shevchenko. After that, the protesters, including famed Ukrainian writers Yuri Andrukhovich and Sergei Zhadan, marched to Lenin Avenue. "Kharkov, get up! Lenin, good-bye!” shouted the activists.

The protesters set up an impromptu memorial plaque to John Lennon on the wall of the building No. 1 on Lenina Ave. The plaque reads, “The Avenue was named after an outstanding musician, poet, composer and peace activist John Winston Ono Lennon (1940 - 1980). From grateful Kharkov residents".

"This plaque is temporary, I'm sure it should be replaced by permanent board. The only thing I fear is that our authorities now will see even John Lennon as a collaborator and fascist. I think that in order to keep this plaque intact we should change Kharkov Authorities," said Sergey Zhadan.

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