Andrey Nikiforov: Success in separating us will allow our colonization piece by piece

Andrey Nikiforov, political scientist from the Crimea, is convinced that there is a civilizational gap within Ukraine and that we need to create common ties for the country not to be pilfered away piece by piece by those who find it attractive as a colony. This opinion the teacher from Tauride National University expressed at the public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes” in Kiev.

According to Andrei Nikiforov, since 2008 globalization has transformed into the formation of large uniform regions.

"There is still debate about how many people are required for this region to be independent and self-contained - half a billion, two hundred million - that always springs up in a discussion about the Customs Union (and with Ukraine the two hundred million plank is achieved) - this all leads to one thing: we are dealing with civilizational communities," said the expert.

According to Nikiforov, Europe-affiliated areas end right on the territory of Ukraine.

"Strictly speaking, Ukraine became such a fractured state because there is a civilizational gap running through the country. Everything else, including economic development, is different for the South-East of the country and the Right Bank,” said Nikiforov.

He believes that civilizational joint between the Left-bank and the Right-bank Ukraine is not confined to the welfare or fight against corruption, but consists of rather more subtle, spiritual matters.

"For instance, for us this it is common historical memory, say, the victory in the WWII - this is still an important tie, and there are attempts of removing it. Is it good for the economy? Of course! Because success in separating us will allow our colonization piece by piece. When we build something integral, self-sufficient, just like our ancestors did, we reject this colonization," said Nikiforov.

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