Dmitry Polonsky about the Customs Union: Russia’s hydrocarbon feedstock will trickle down but life goes on

Russia needs to expand markets and is therefore interested in Ukraine’s integration in its economic space, holds Dmitry Polonsky, People Deputy at Simferopol City Council.

"At the moment, Russia plus Belarus plus Kazakhstan and plus Ukraine equals 212 million people. When our Russian colleagues talk about some stiffness, they forget that their present rigidity and confidence in Russia’s development prospects is based mainly on large hydrocarbon resources. Domestic market, which is necessary first of all for the Russian Federation, is this very market of 212 million people, because Russia is also very interested in supplying its products, not only hydrocarbons: the raw materials will end, but we must continue to live on," the expert believes.

Russia needs integration processes and for this reason is sometimes cruel, sometimes “bending Ukraine over the knee."

“This is how Russia is fighting for Ukraine. It is fighting and doing the right thing," said Polonsky.

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