People's deputies decided on sports complexes for Kharkov

Deputies of Kharkov Regional Council approved the list of sports complexes to be built and refurbished in Kharkov and region over the next four years. Full information can be found in Kharkov Regional Program on development of sports, youth initiatives and promotion of healthy lifestyle in 2014-2018.

According to the document, Vostok stadium is scheduled for renovation. The required amount, some 276,000 UAH, will be provided from the local budget for 2014. Construction of new sports complex on the base of Olympic reserve archery school “Communard” will cost 58 million UAH. The project is planned to last for two years. The Program also includes a construction project of the Eastern Ukrainian Olympic training center for winter sports (near "Temp” sports base area). Reconstruction of Sports school for juniors "HTZ", for which 50 million UAH is required, is planned in 2014 for investor’s money.

Multipurpose sports fields with artificial turf, natural-ice rinks and other sports facilities will appear in Kharkov region every year in 2014-2018 years, according to the Program.

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