Alexei Samoilov: "There isn’t a single serious scientific work to justify the model of European integration of Ukraine"

On 16-17 December, Kiev welcomed public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes” Experts from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus discussed the possibility of Ukraine's European integration and the consequences of this step.

Alexei Samoilov, vice-rector of the International Slavic University (Kharkov), said that European integration could not give a positive effect for Ukraine: "Integration means mutual fusion or mutual diffusion of objects or entities for organizing a unified whole with a synergy effect. The effect of such fusion is much higher than the sum of the two potentials. In case of European integration, such an effect cannot possibly be achieved. I disagree with colleagues who spoke about the long cycle of integration and the long wait for the effect."0

The expert also noted that to date, there are no scientific papers explaining the European integration model proposed to Ukraine: "Not a single serious scientific work has been published on justification and reasoning in favour of European integration model for Ukraine. There is only one serious work that I, being a teacher, evaluate as “unsatisfactory” – the work published by Institute of Expert Assessments sponsored by former President Kuchma, in one of the feeds at their web site – where the model of EU integration boils down to criticism, for some reason of CIS rather than the Customs Union."

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