Medvedchuk wins the anti-defamation lawsuit, Yatsenyuk to pay 1 UAH

Viktor Medvedchuk, Ukrainian politician, leader of the public movement "Ukrainian Choice" won the case against Arseniy Yatsenyuk, leader of Batkivschyna party.

Pechersk Regional Court in Kiev upheld Medvedchuk’s demand against Yatsenyuk on protection of honour and dignity, moral damages, reports press service of “Ukrainian Choice”.

Medvedchuk estimated amount for moral damages at 1 UAH (about 12 cents), "recognizing the moral insignificance of the defendant’s personality."

Talking in the air of Channel 5 TV station, Yatsenyuk accused Medvedchuk of involvement in provocations against EuroMaidan and "in trying to pull off coup-d’état."

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