Spaniards and Italians went out to rallies

The countries are striking against the policy of the EU: the people of Italy and Spain came out to rally.

Italians demand resignation of the government and dissolution of the parliament due to tax hike and unemployment increase.

Spaniards are on strike in Barcelona, where the EU summit is held. They are dissatisfied with the plans of the European Union to liberalize energy and financial markets.

The demonstrations cannot be called peaceful: Italians burn the flags of the European Union, in Rome the students throw petards in the university, in which the ministers gathered for the conference, in Turin the law enforcers had to use the tear gas because the protesters threw stones at them. Highways and railroad are blocked. Spain is also disquieted: the stones are flung at police, which defends itself using rubber bullets and batons.

Residents of other European countries go to Spain to support the protesters.

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