Azarov is unhappy that it did not workout with the EU, but he does not rule out that the agreement will be signed in 2014

The Ukrainian premier Nikolay Azarov said that Ukraine gave preference to Russia over the EU because of a threat of economic crisis in the country.

As Azarov reported on air of Shuster LIVE, Ukraine was hoping to agree on cooperation with both the Russian Federation and the EU, but signing the agreement with the European Union would have been premature and would have brought Ukraine to crisis.

According to Azarov, the choice of Ukraine made the EU ambassador in Kiev Yan Tombinsky very unhappy. "Now he is, naturally, unhappy, which is understandable. I am unhappy as well," says Azarov, "In 2014 economic development will start and then we will finish the work with the EU and sign the association agreement on favorable conditions."

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