Sergey Pakhomov: if Ukraine prefers the European Union to Russia, we will face economic collapse

In the course of public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”, which took place in Kiev on December 16-17, the Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Sergey Pakhomov informed that economy of Ukraine is in a difficult situation, and if the country chooses the way of the European integration it will lead it to economic collapse.

According to his words, the state of affairs in Ukraine cannot be called perfect: this year serious international institutes rated it among the poorest countries. “It means that we faced the economic, financial and social crisis,” said Pakhomov.

In case Ukraine signs the association agreement the situation will become desperate. “The borders with Russia will close, 36% of our mostly high-tech export will begin to agonize and this artery is narrowing. The income from the gas pipeline, the transit payment amounts to about 18-32% of the income of our budget. Paralysis of this symbiosis will lead to the economic collapse.”

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