Kharkov resident won golden medal at Winter World University Games

On December 19 Ekaterina Serdyk, a student of Kharkov State Academy of Physical Training won golden medal in the relay race 3X5 kilometers in skiing at ХХVІ Winter World University Games. According to the information at the official site of the World University Games the members of the team of the relay race were also the athletes of women’s national team of Ukraine Ekaterina Grigorenko and Marina Antsubor.

The Ukrainian skiers covered the distance in 42 minutes 15 seconds and were ahead of the athletes from Switzerland and Kazakhstan. For Ukraine it is already the 7th medal and the 9th place in the team event.

ХХVІ Winter World University Games are held on December 11 – 21 in Trentino, Italy. 14 athletes represent Kharkov State Academy of Physical Training at the competition.

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