Tsarev: if Russia does nothing in relation to Ukraine it will get a hostile state

In the course of the public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes” the people's deputy from the Party of Region Oleg Tsarev expressed his opinion that the work of the non-governmental organizations and funds at the territory of Ukraine is directed at changing the matrix of consciousness of people.

According to his words for 20 years the textbooks of history have been teaching that Russia is the main enemy of Ukraine.

“Do you remember our Soviet textbooks of history? Slave-owners and capitalists were blamed for everything. If you open the Ukrainian textbooks now, you will learn that nowadays the Russians are blamed. The people, who studied these textbooks, consider that signing the agreement with Russia means signing the agreement with the original enemy. And these are their sincere beliefs, they are not deceiving. And we need to reckon with it,” Tsarev noted.

He also noted that about 10,000 employees of the non-governmental organizations, who form the public opinion, work in Ukraine.

“Here I have a list of non-governmental organizations on 6 pages in fine handwriting. Even the smallest rural area has either a representative office or a branch office of these organizations. For example, Soros Fund allocates huge quantity of funds to Ukraine (more funds is allocated only to Africa). The goals of this work are so systematic. The funds shaped the world outlook of people who work in them (I took a look at the Cabinet of Ministers, the Administration of the President, the employees of the funds and came to the conclusion that a considerable part of the employees of the governing authorities were prepared by the funds and non-governmental organizations). These people head the magazines, newspapers; they work as political experts, in the governmental authorities and none of them works as a worker. They shape the public opinion,” the people’s deputy said.

Tsarev expressed his belief that the work of non-governmental organizations on the territory of Ukraine is directed at changing the matrix of consciousness of people.

“And if you remember that referendum, when Ukraine was separating from Russia, thought we were separating, anyway we were striving to remain together. But these 20 years changed the consciousness of people so much that if Russia continues to act like this, i.e. do nothing, it will simply get the hostile state, populated with people, who treat Russia as the main enemy,” the politician declared.

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