Alexey Samoilov: “Ukraine will become an agricultural appendage and supplier of the labor force for Europe”

In the course of the public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”, which took place in Kiev on December 16-17, Alexey Samoilov the pro-rector of the International Slavic University (Kharkov) expressed the opinion that in the case of signing of the Agreement with the EU Ukraine will have the destiny of Bulgaria.

“We will not raise the economy, it will die, and we will become the agricultural appendage and the supplier of the rather low qualified labor force for Europe, as, for example, Hungary or Bulgaria. I am not taking into consideration the Baltic States; they are already finishing their life cycle as separate states. The more characteristic scenario of our development of the pseudo integration is Bulgaria, in which all the basis of independence are being destroyed i.e. political sovereignty, and economic and energetic basis are being destroyed. The only station was closed and now Bulgaria has to buy the energy resources and electrical energy with the 60% (and in some cases even more high) extra charge from Europe. That is why it is the dead end variant.”

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