Alexandr Dudchak: Ukraine should preserve and develop its own production. It is impossible to live long on credits (video)

In the course of public non-political discussion “Future economic development of Ukraine in the context of the integration processes”, which took place in Kiev on December 16-17, the economist, the associate professor of the Kiev Economic University, the Head of the Strategic Culture Fund Alexandr Dudchak stated that instead of getting numerous foreign credits Ukraine should think of keeping still existing in the country high-tech production.

According to his opinion, Ukraine should not look back at Europe; it should keep and develop its own production.

“The choice of the direction towards the integration is, by the highest standards, from the Evil One. There cannot be two opinions in this question. We do not participate in the European labor distribution; we participate in the Eurasian labor distribution. We do not have any common technological chains in the high-tech European productions, and will not have,” the expert believes. “The only task for today is to preserve the high-tech production, which Ukraine has. We cannot live long for the credits.”

Dudchak considers that having the existing production base Ukraine may normally live and develop, exploiting the science intensive products. Its production may be implemented at the expense of the cooperation with the former USSR.

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